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Good morning all,

Firstly, thank you all for participating in our NSSA feedback survey for the year 2018-2019. With this feedback, we will be able to offer you the best that NSSA can offer you for the following school year. But, there are still a few comments that we would like to come back to, to let you know why there are some things that are unfortunately impossible for us to accomplish.


We therefore plan to keep this document up to date, in the style of an FAQ (frequently asked questions) where we will keep you updated on frequently asked questions, with our most complete answers possible.


Here are some answers following our feedback survey:


  1. Could you organize more 5 @ 7 style events, wine and cheese etc…?

Yes ! Absolutely! Following the great success of our last Wine and Cheese event on March 22, we will certainly be organizing others. If you have any suggestions for activities or places, let us know !!!

2. What is the difference between the cohort representative and the academic VP?

The cohort representative is there to represent your cohort within ADENUT and she should be the first person you contact in case of any academic concerns. Then your representative can redirect you to the appropriate VP.
The cohort representative also serves to help bring students together in your cohort, either by acting as a leader, and by organizing activities that bring students together in each session.

The role of the Academic VP is to represent the students within the School, ie the administration of the program. The VP therefore attends undergraduate meetings to share the students' point of view with the administrative members of the School of Nutritional Sciences.


3. I am not receiving your information because I do not have facebook / I do not check my emails. How can I be informed about your activities?

All relevant information concerning NSSA activities is published on the private NSSA facebook group. We also send out a newsletter (the Infonut) periodically every 2 weeks, which gathers essential information. This newsletter is sent to your @ address.


If you are not in the group or if you do not receive the emails, you can contact the VP Communication to be added as soon as possible.

We try as much as possible not to post too much superfluous information, so all posts are relevant. If you decide to opt out of the group or block notifications, we are not responsible for missing some important information.


4. Would it be possible to do outdoor activities that are more sporty (eg hiking in Gatineau Park, skating on the curtain canal, etc.)

Would that be possible? Yes

Would it be simple? No…

Despite the fact that we love to organize activities of this type, they require a lot of organization and time to do the activity. As you know, the university schedule is very busy and it is very difficult to find a time slot where all the students are available (in fact, it is impossible).


On the other hand, you could suggest to your representative of the year to organize an activity of this type. As a cohort, your schedules are generally more similar, so organizing an activity that is totally outside the school context would be easier to organize in this case.


5. Could we have discussion groups to share our points of view regarding the program (possibility of improvement, recurring problems, etc.)

Certainly yes ! If there are several students who have an opinion to share, you can ask a member of the executive to organize a discussion group. We will listen to your views and do everything we can to improve the situations in question.


6. Would it be possible for the events to involve less alcohol?

Alcohol consumption is by no means compulsory in any of the events organized by the association. It is your choice whether or not you want to consume during the events. You are the master of your body.


7. I would love to participate in your events but they are during my ABC1234 class.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to find a time slot that suits all students. However, we try to rely on the schedule of the core lesson sequence to establish an ideal time. It is therefore possible that we cannot take into account certain class times which are outside the basic sequence. However, we do try to offer a variety of events at different times and days to try to accommodate as many people as possible.


8. Could you organize more conference?

Yes ! We are currently working on organizing conferences for the upcoming school year! :)


9. Would it be possible to participate in MENU without having to pay hotel costs if I have a place to stay?

Unfortunately, to participate in MENU, you have to pay all costs, including those for accommodation. On the other hand, if you absolutely want to sleep at your home, you are free to do so, but unfortunately the costs cannot be avoided.


But, be aware that NSSA works very hard throughout the school year to organize fundraising campaigns that you can join. This financing can then allow you to reimburse a large part of the associated costs, or even the entire sum.


10. What is MENU?

For the past 5 years, nearly 150 students from four Canadian universities that offer the nutrition program (Université Laval, Université de Montréal, University of Ottawa and Université de Moncton) have been meeting for a weekend to discuss and share their passion for their future profession. This year, McGill University was also in the game.

Everything takes the form of a friendly competition during which conferences, academic and sports activities, challenges and rallies provide opportunities to stand out through participation and team spirit. Since the first edition, MENU has become an essential moment for the students of our program since it is an exceptional opportunity for exchanges between future health professionals, while leaving room for learning and entertainment.


11. How can I contact NSSA members?

We really hope to be approachable! Haha

You can first talk to us in person, during your lessons. The executive members are spread across the different cohorts so you should find us, and don't worry, we don't bite.


If you can't find us where you are uncomfortable approaching an Executive Member, you can always contact your Year Representative.


Otherwise you can communicate with us by facebook. We are all very active there.


If you don't have facebook, you can also email us. We check our inboxes quite regularly. You will find all our email addresses on this page ( )


Then, finally, if you really want to see us, you can come and chat with us during our office hours. The office hours are posted right here , and also on our office door. (Oh and you can also call us at the ADENUT office, but don't be surprised if we seem surprised at your calls, they are very infrequent!) ((613) -562-5800 # 3099)

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