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Executive Committee 2022-2023

Our mission

Represent the students of the School of Nutrition Sciences within the Student Union of the University of Ottawa (UOSU). Recognize the rights of each individual and their importance within the school environment, inform its members of projects and discussions that concern them, offer academic help and support to students in need, give back to the community by participating in volunteer actions and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In these descriptions, the masculine gender is used in a neutral sense and refers to women as well as men.

Our team:

photo mathilde (1).jpg

Mathilde Doucet


The President is responsible to act as the official spokesperson for NSSA and for promoting its interests outside the department, particularly with the UOSU and its other federated bodies. She presides EC meetings and assists the Vice-Presidents in their tasks and encourages them in their projects.

photo Flo.jpg

Florence Bastian

VP Social

The Vice President of Social Affairs is responsible for social activities. She organizes and ensures the smooth running of 101 Week activities to welcome new students and promote their integration into the university community. She is responsible for organizing social events for the current year to provide students opportunities to socialize.


Laurence Vézina

VP External

The Vice President of External Affairs is responsible for linking students with employers, professional bodies and external associations. She is also responsible for the University of Ottawa delegation to the MENU games. She is responsible for informing and promoting non-university academic events to students in the program.

Karissa (1).jpg

Karissa Jeha

VP Finance

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for the proper management of NSSA funds, approving all expenditures and planning and managing the NSSA budget. She is responsible for supporting the other executive members in the realization of projects for students.

Photo Laurie.HEIC

Laurie Girard

VP Communications

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for disseminating information to students in order to encourage student involvement and participation, whether it be for activities organized by NSSA, various fundraisers, activities organized by the School of Nutrition or other. She is also responsible for updating the various social media (website, Facebook page, Instagram page, etc.)


Sandrine Foccroulle-Menard

VP Academic

The Vice President of Academic Affairs is the link between students and the academic staff. She supports students with all academic matters (course selection, program changes, administration and faculty). She is also responsible for consulting regularly with the administrative members regarding the quality of the Nutrition Sciences program.


Sebastien Provencher

VP Internal

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is responsible to act as a secretary for executive and general meetings. He also actively seeks out volunteer opportunities for students in the program to promote a spirit of student involvement. He manages the internal functions of the NSSA office: ordering NSSA promotional items, purchasing supplies and managing the office schedule.


To fill

VP Philanthropic

The Vice President of Philanthropic Affairs is responsible for organizing and participating in fundraising events in support of non-profit organizations and humanitarian causes. He is responsible for Shinerama Day with the Vice President of Social Affairs during 101 week.



VP of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)  

The Vice-President of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is responsible, among other things, for actively promoting representation and inclusion within ADENUT and school groups. such as: members of the LGBTQIA2+ community, members of the student community with disabilities, members of First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities, members of the international student community, racial and ethnic minorities.



1st year: Sandrine Poulin and Anastassiya Beletskaya

2nd year: Hailey Nguyen

3rd year: Dalia Abi-Khattar

4th year: To be filled

Cohort representatives are the resource people for their classmates when they have questions about the association. They are advisory members to NSSA and important pillars in encouraging communication and representing the interests of students. 



1st year: Natalie Ouellette 

2nd year: Madeline Leslie

3rd year: Radia El Iraki

4th year: To be filled

The Food Science representative is a resource person for people in this option. She is an advisory member for the NSSA and fosters communication between the Food Science students and the Executive Committee.


Coralie Vincent

Graduates Students Representative

The Graduate Student Representative is a resource person for people in this option. She facilitates communication between the graduate students and the executive committee.

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